Filati Romance is born from the passion of a simple and sweet girl, who has decided not to give up her dream and to get involved to bring a pinch of her sweetness into your homes through her beautiful yarn.

I'm Lisa Davì from the CrochetRomance Youtube channel. Designer and teacher of crochet and knitwear, I love experimenting with everything related to the world of yarns and creativity: crochet, embroidery, knitting, but also weaving.

“With my yarn store, an important part is completed for those who follow me and for those who are beginners in the field of creativity. I can finally recommend first-hand the yarns suitable for your crochet or knit projects and guarantee my assistance before and after sales. "

The Mission of Filati Romance:

To offer more and more innovative and high quality products, to surprise you and to stimulate your creative vein.

Transmit this ancient manual craft to younger generations by offering up-to-date fashion yarns with free tutorials. This is why I chose to collaborate with the Italian company Miss Tricot Filati.

Be transparent, authentic and sincere.



Via Coriano Case Ferrari, 9

42030 - Villa Minozzo

C. F. DVALSI86S51Z112D

VAT number 02842220358