Art. 1 - Subject


1. These terms and conditions govern access to and use of the www.filatiromance.com website, which can be accessed through the following URL: http://www.filatiromance.com (hereafter "Owner"). ").

2. This website is owned by:


Location: Via Coriano Case Ferrari n. 9, 42030 Villa Minozzo (RE)

Sales tax identification number: 02842220358

Registered in the REA, number RE - 318266

3. Access to the Website and its use as well as the purchase of the products presented therein requires the reading, understanding and acceptance of these Terms of Use.


Art. 2 - Changes to the Terms of Use


  1.        The Owner may change or update these Terms of Use in whole or in part. Changes and updates to the Terms of Use will be posted on the Site in this section and are binding. Users should visit this page regularly to stay up to date. Access to and use of the Website implies acceptance by the User of these Terms of Use.

Art. 3 - Intellectual property


1. The contents of the website, such as the works, images, photographs, dialogues, music, sounds and videos, documents, drawings, figures, logos and other material in any format that has been published on the website itself, including menus, Web pages, graphics, colors, patterns, tools, characters and website design, diagrams, layouts, methods, processes, features and software that are part of the site are protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights or by others Protected third party protected by him. The complete or partial reproduction of the website and its contents is prohibited without the express written consent of the owner.


2. The user is only authorized to view the website and its contents with the corresponding services. The User is also authorized to perform all other temporary acts of reproduction without its own economic significance, which are considered to be temporary or as a side effect and are an integral part of the same visualization and use of the Site and its content and all other site navigation operations that are for legitimate use only be carried out the same.

3. The user is in no way entitled to copy all or part of the website and its contents. Any reproduction must be authorized by www.filatiromance.com or, if required, by the authors of each work contained on the Site. Such copying operations must in any case be carried out for lawful purposes and in compliance with copyright and other intellectual property rights, as well as the authors of each work contained on the site.


Art. 4 - Use of the website and user responsibility


1. The access and use of the website, the display of the website, including communication with the owner, the possibility of downloading information about the products and the purchase of the same on the site, are activities that the user for the purpose of personal use or closely related to their business, entrepreneurial and professional activities.

2. The user is personally responsible for the use of the website and its contents. The owner can not be held responsible for the use of the website and the content by any of its users who do not comply with the applicable laws, apart from the liability for fraud and gross negligence. In particular, the user is the only person responsible for the transmission of incorrect and incorrect information.

3. The material downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the Service is at User's discretion and risk. Therefore, the owner is not liable for damage to computer systems or data loss caused by unloading operations attributed to the owner.

4. The Owner disclaims all responsibility for any damage resulting from the inaccessibility of the Services available on the Website or from damage caused by viruses, corrupted files, errors, omissions, service interruptions, content deletion, network issues, or vendors Suppliers are telephone and / or telematic connections, unauthorized access, modification of data, failure and / or misuse of the user's electronic devices.

5. The user is responsible for the safekeeping and correct use of his personal information, including credentials that provide access to the reserved services, as well as any harmful consequences that may arise from misuse, loss or theft of such information or from third parties ,


6. The Owner has taken all reasonable precautions to prevent the publication of any content or images on the Website that may be considered harmful to the dignity, human rights and dignity of individuals in all possible forms and expressions. In any case, the interested user is requested to communicate this condition to the owner if the aforementioned content is considered to be harmful to religious or ethical sensitivities or decency, but warns that access to content deemed harmful or offensive occurs the user's sole discretion and exclusive and personal responsibility.

7. The Owner has also taken all reasonable precautions to ensure that all information on the Website is accurate, complete and up to date. However, the owner assumes no responsibility to the users for the accuracy and completeness of the content published on the website, except as otherwise provided by law. If a user detects errors or missed updates to the information on the Web site, they will be prompted to notify the owner through the email field: crochetromance@gmail.com.


Art. 5 - Personal account


  1.        The user has the possibility to register on the website in order to use their products and / or services. The user has access to an area of ​​the Site that is solely for him, through which he may from time to time access and verify the status of the services requested by you.

2. By registering on the Website, the User must provide an e-mail address or username (hereinafter referred to as "ID") and a strictly personal access password. Both the ID and the password can not be used simultaneously by two or more stations. The user can not sell or transfer them to third parties, unless this is their sole responsibility. In this regard, note that the user is held responsible to the owner and third parties for all actions, transactions and / or events that have taken place and / or have been performed using the entered ID and / or password.

3. The user is required to maintain the confidentiality and confidentiality of his ID and password, and is required to immediately notify the site of any unauthorized use or loss, by e-mail or registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, so that they can stop providing their services with respect to the account.

4. The Owner can in no way be held, directly or indirectly, in any form or on the basis of a liability regime, for any injury or damage of any kind arising out of or in connection with the failure of the user to comply with this Article.

5. The owner is free to block a user's access to his client area and / or interrupt the operation of his ID and / or password if he believes that a material breach of the present general conditions has occurred. And, in particular, what will be made available thereafter, or if the user unlawfully or improperly uses the Site Services.


Art. 6 - Facebook group


1. On this website, users can share opinions and experiences about the Facebook Group, which is available at the following link: www.facebook.com/CrochetRomancePatternGroup.

2. Anyone who chooses to 

register in the group accepts the registration clauses specified in the relevant section. Registration for the group is completely free and subject to acceptance of the following terms and conditions. Before registering, the forum rules must be read and accepted.

3. The user who has joined the group agrees that all information, data, software, music, sounds, photos, pictures, videos, messages or other material, whether publicly available or privately transmitted, are the sole and exclusive responsibility the same people from whom such content originated. This means that the user, and not the group administrators and the site managers, are solely responsible for the content that is uploaded, published, emailed, or otherwise transmitted or distributed through the group itself.

4. The Administrator can not control the transmitted or distributed content in any way and therefore does not guarantee the accuracy or quality of such content. The user acknowledges that despite the different rules that the administrator imposes on the service offered, he may find content that is offensive, indecent.


Art. 7 - Disclaimer


1. As mentioned above, the owner takes care of the website and its contents with the utmost care. However, no guarantee is given for the correctness, completeness and timeliness of the data and information provided on the website or on the associated other sites. Therefore, any liability for errors or omissions resulting from the use of the data and information on the website is excluded.

2. The owner disclaims all responsibility, including the presence of errors, the correction of errors and the responsibility of the server hosting the site. It is also not responsible for the use of the information contained herein, its accuracy and reliability. In no case, including negligence, the owner is responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may result from the use of materials on the website or their inability.

3. In no case and for no reason can the administrator be found responsible for the content contained and, for example, for errors and / or omissions in the content or for any damages incurred by the use of any content sent by e-mail or otherwise transmitted or distributed through the Service.


Art. 8 - Restrictions on the provision of the service


1. The holder can not be held liable for damages resulting from the failure to perform the service due to faulty or non-functioning electronic means of communication that are not attributable to its foreseeable control. For example, but not limited to, the malfunctioning of servers and other electronic devices that are not an integral part of the Internet, malfunction of installed software, computer viruses for the presence of viruses or other harmful and harmful computer components, and actions by hackers or other users with access to the network. The user therefore undertakes to indemnify the owner from any responsibility and / or solicitation.


Art. 9 - Links to other websites


  1.        The Website may contain hypertext links to other websites that are not affiliated with it. The owner does not control or monitor such websites and therefore does not guarantee their content or data management in any way. The user must therefore carefully read the terms of use of the third-party websites visited and the corresponding privacy policy, as these terms of use and the privacy policy of this website refer solely to the website www.filatiromance.com.

Art.10 - Links to other websites


1. This website is also accessible via third party websites that contain a link or banner to access the website.

2. The activation of links to external websites to this site is always possible and is not harmful to these Terms of Use.

3. By activating unauthorized links, the owner is entitled to trade services and companies for the immediate deactivation of the inadmissible links and for the eventual recognition of the respective business practice or unfair competition or action at the expense of the good name and the reputation of the owner the same group. In any case, the activation of deep hypertext links (eg deep frames or deep links) to the website or the unauthorized use of meta tags is prohibited.


Art. 11 - Data processing


1. The processing of user data shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the legal provisions on the protection of personal data specified in the relevant section containing the information referred to in Article 1. 13 EU Regulation 2016/679 (privacy policy).

For more information, see the privacy policy on the website at:


Art. 12 - Safeguard clause

  1.        Should any provision of these Terms of Use be invalid for any reason whatsoever, this shall in no way affect the validity and compliance with the other provisions of these Terms of Use.

Art. 13 - Contacts


1. Any request for information may be sent by e-mail to the following address: crochetromance@gmail.com, by calling the following number: 3349894728 and by mail to the following address:

Via Coriano Case Ferrari n. 9, 42030 Villa Minozzo (RE).


Art. 14 - Applicable law and competent court


1. These general conditions of use are governed by and construed on the basis of Italian law, without prejudice to any other mandatory rules that apply in the country of the purchaser's habitual residence. The interpretation, execution and termination of the general conditions of use is therefore governed exclusively by Italian law.

2. Any disputes relating to these and / or any of them must be settled exclusively by the Italian judicial authority. If the purchaser qualifies as a consumer, disputes must be settled before the competent court at or at the domicile of the customer in accordance with applicable law.


These conditions were set up on 13.03.2019.